Monday, February 23, 2009

big step on my career

huh..everybody keep asking when im gonna get married... lol.. i'm 23 only laa.. lame lagi... last friday i had an interview in Pavillion. and i got the job... at first mmg pening kepala nak terima ke tak coz of the salary same kat smart reader..but lepas thinking after 3days n asked the people around me... i've made a decision to accept the job.. i love SPA enviroment... and i wish to open my own Spa... so dis is the 1st step... hmm.. get to know the spa...n how to manage it...
i dont know how to tell my cousin aka my boss now..hmm.. susah keje ngan relative nie...i just cross my finger and send the 1month notice letter... so i guess i meet u in KENKO fish spa n reflexologi in Pavillion then..