Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Once Flower Met a Pearl

Once Flower Met a Pearl.

Flower : Our family is large. Roses and Daisies are members of the family. They have distinctive scent, appearance etc.

Suddenly, a tinge of distress appeared on flower
Pearl : Nothing for sorrow in your talk. Then why are you depressed?

Flower : Human deal with us carelessly. Not grow us for our sake but to get pleasure from our fragrance and beautiful appearance, and throw us on the street/garbage after using us.

The flower sighed and said

Flower : Tell me about your life! How do you feel it? Your are buried in the bottom of the sea.

Pearl : Although I have none of your distinctive colors/scent, human think I'm precious. They do the impossible to procure me. I live in a thick shell, isolated in the dark seas. However, I'm happy and proud to be in safe zone far from mischievous hands and still the human consider me highly valuable.

Think what the flower and the pearl symbolizes?   
The flower is the unveiled woman (who shows her charms)
The pearl is the veiled woman (who conceals her beauties)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quote of the day

A guy asked a Muslim: Why do ur girls cover up their body and hair?The Muslim guy smiled and got two sweets, he opened the first one and kept the other one closed.He thrown them both on the dusty floor and asked the guy: If I asked u to take one of the sweets which one u will choose?The Man replied: The covered one. Then the Muslim said that's how we treat and see our women =) 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kitty Lover Hand Bouquet

Agak berhabuk blog ni. Busy sket dgn Indah Blossom. BTW nak share my hand bouquet yg dibuat khas utk Hello Kitty Lover. Jaja juga terima tempahan utk hand bouquet ni. Anything bole terus email atau pm kat fesbuk atau tinggalkan any question kat shoutbox sebelah ni ek. Enjoy!
Skang tengah busy buat fabric flower hand bouquet pulak. Harga? Jaja amek from RM55 and above la. Taknak jual mahal2 sgt sbb cost kahwin pun da melampau skang kan. Jaja amek upah rendah je. Yg mahal adalah Button yg colorful tu.. Lagi 1, Jaja memerlukan masa paling lama pn 2 minggu utk siapkan hand bouquet ni. Sbb pagi kerja dulu kan, petang baru dapat menghadap benda2 ni. Next week Jaja upload fabric hand bouquet pulak ye.