Friday, May 29, 2009

bilik utk disewa

* seksyen 8 bandar baru bangi
* perempuan melayu
* deposit - 1 + 1
* utilities - astro, washing machine, fridge, streamyx, etc
* kemasukan - segera (june)

hubungi - ika - 019-6011933
maya - 019-2469233
lina - 012-2180250
emy - 012-6459467

Thursday, May 28, 2009

pole dance

susan boyle

a must see video!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Price List

Here are the price list for our services in Kenko

Fish Spa Therapy 30min - RM38

Foot, Hand and Shoulder Massage
120min - RM149
90min - RM132
60min - RM99
45min - RM78

Shoulder Massage
45min - RM85
30min - RM56
20min - RM36
10min - RM19

Foot Reflexology
120min - RM138
90min - RM118
60min - RM88
45min - RM69
30min - RM 46

Full Body Massage (body reflex for female only)
60min - RM110
90min - RM150
120min - RM180

Aroma Hand Massage (aroma oil)
45min - RM46
30min - RM69

Aromatic Foot Bath 15min (Green tea + lavender) - RM22

Acupressure Head Therapy 30min - RM58

Foot Exfoliation (remove dead/thick skin on your feet) 45min - RM78


We having a Mother's Day Promotion..

Package A (NP RM138)
1 pax - RM99.90
2 pax - RM89.90 x 2
Foot Reflexology 30min
Shoulder massage 15min
Aroma foot bath 15min
Fish Spa 30min
Total 1hour 30 min

Package B (NP RM204)
1 pax - RM159
2 pax - RM139 x 2
Foot reflexology 60min
Shoulder massage 30min
Aroma foot bath 15min
Fish spa 30min
Total 2hours 15min

And sign up for our Massage Membership to enjoy 50% disc on the promotion item...

come and enjoy our service here in Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa now!!!

Promotion end on 30th June 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009


they visited me at kenko..huhuhu...time2 bosan... thank you guys for the chicken wings from carlos... sdp plak...huhuu

congrats to Nana!!

congrats to Nana era... kawen gak akhirnya.... here are some pic of us..long2 time ago...people said dat she is so gewdix.. but only her frens know the truth Nana..... so guys plz dont jugde a book by its cover... she is a nice person..get to know her first...

memori wit my adeq.. daffi...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


argh!!! i dont know what happen to me today... im ruining my interview.. suddently i just dont what am i talking about and my english are all berterabor!!! gosh!! i dont have any idea... blury blury me today....damn!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

need a room or house

if there's any1 dat want to rent a room or house around sri petaling, please contact me... tak larat meh ulang alik bangi-kl... tak larat nak jln kaki...huhuhu tapi tak kurus2 gak.... :P

Dinner at Bora2 Ombak Ampang

had a great dinner wit my frens...but sedih my huby takde...balik kg..hmm.. thanks to mr topo n mr fami for a wonderful picture dat u guys had captured!!! well done guys!!