Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

okeh lagi! haish.. kene start fikir starting lagi baik dari OKEH! we celebrated Earth Day today at school.. tapi my Bubbles 1 aka my baby class tak involve pon... just other class buat and we r just joint the group.. Lepas habis half day session, during the nap time around 1.30pm td, ade 1 of the student name Wong Khai How (sumpah comel gile mamat ni) 6 years old chit-chatting with his peers. They just came out from the toilet dan terdengar si comel ni ckp "today is Earth Day, so we cannot waste the water" huhuhu da la comel, concern lak tu.. haish good job to his teacher... I should tell them not to waste water on the earth day only but everyday... tapi saya sgt busy dgn bathing bebudak yg lain so.... hust hope the teacher can explain more! nak upload gambar budak comel ni tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..... huh!

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